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Upcoming: Remembering October 1 

On October 1, 2017, a tragic event struck Las Vegas, taking innocent lives and leaving emotional scars that will forever affect the community.

For the first responders who witnessed the horror firsthand, the trauma is especially profound. They've endured an experience that's difficult for the human mind to process without the right support. Unfortunately, finding that support without judgment or damage to their reputation is challenging.

Join VBF for our #VEGASSTRONG virtual support groups, meeting on 09/30, 10/1, and 10/2, for Las Vegas shooting survivors to join freely, participate as they wish, and the option to remain anonymous. There will be a group for everyone. You are not alone. Join your community virtually as we remember those we lost,  share stories, listen, and connect. It's okay not to be okay. 

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The Victory Bridge Awards celebrate individuals and organizations dedicated to veterans, first responders, and their families, recognizing their outstanding contributions and spirit of service. It's an evening for the entire nation to come together, put their differences aside, and celebrate our Nation's heroes while providing a platform to raise awareness for mental wellness



With an abundance of resources at your disposal, making a choice can become overwhelming if you're unaware of what options are available. Fortunately, VBF has taken on this task for you. Complete the form provided below, and we will reach out to provide a curated list of resources that perfectly match your specific requirements. 


Members Club

Club V by VBF is more than just an online community; it's a thoughtfully crafted sanctuary for veterans, first responders, and their beloved families and friends. When you become a member, you unlock a world of exclusive benefits and connections within our VIP community.


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Volunteers are champions for our cause. Their mission is to build local support systems through the community, thus creating safe places free of titles, judgment, persecution, or stigmas.

VBF’s community consists of veterans, first responders, families, loved ones, and dedicated supporters that are determined to make a positive impact, connect with their community, or simply continuing their wellness journey.

The strength of Victory Bridge Foundation lies in the contributions from individuals and organizations that support our mission. There are many ways to donate. Contact us for a list of ways to donate.


Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


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