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VIP Members Club

Join the VIP Club, exclusive to companies, organizations, and groups!

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Our VIP Memberships are designed for companies, organizations, and groups to join forces with the Victory Bridge Foundation and our growing community. Each VIP membership includes:

  • At least 2 active memberships

  • Brand visibility

  • Full access to our Exclusive VIP Members Platform

This platform enables you to network with other companies, extend your services, join webinars, podcasts, and collaborate on impactful initiatives.


Our mission is to unite and foster collaboration among mental health and wellness organizations, veteran and first responder groups, and all supporting organizations dedicated to making a positive change. 

Contact us to customize your VIP membership!

    With the VIP Members Club experience,  all memberships include:


Exclusive Access:

  • Private Events: Invitations to exclusive events, such as VIP meet-and-greets, gala dinners, and private performances.

  • Priority Reservations: Early access to reservations for special events and activities.

  • VIP Lounge: Access to a luxurious VIP lounge with concierge services at all VBF events

  • Dedicated Concierge: Personalized concierge services for travel, dining, and entertainment bookings to events upon request.



Special Offers:

  • Discounts and Promotions: Special discounts on services, products, and events offred by the club and its partners.

  • Gift Packages: Seasonal or event-specific gift packages.



Networking Opportunities:

  • Exclusive Networking Events: Opportunities to connect with other VIP members, industry leaders, and influencers via zoom webinars, discussions, and in person VIP events.

  • Professional Development: Access to workshops, seminars, webinars, and exclusive meetups

Silver Bridge

2 memberships

$1,500 Annual

  • Logo on Website

  • Press Release Announcement


  • 2 Silver Sniper Tickets to the Golden Victor Awards 

Golden Bridge

5 memberships

$5,000 Annual

  • Logo on Website

  • Press Release Announcement

  • 5 Golden Ranger Tickets to the Golden Victor Awards

  • VIP Lounge Access at events

  • Company Welcome Gift

Platinum Bridge

5 memberships

$10,000 Annual

  • Full-Page on Website

  • Press Release Announcement

  • 10 Captain VIP Tickets to the Golden Victor Awards

  • A seat at the digital round table of decision makers (advisory board)

  • Judging Opportunities

  • Company Welcome Gift

  • 2 Email Promotions sent to our Email list

Victory VIP



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