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Resilience & Recovery

Victory Bridge Foundation is joining forces with Warriors for Life in a collaborative effort to reach more veterans, first responders, and their families! 


Peer Support Groups for Active Military, Veterans, First Responders, & their Families

Resilience and Recovery welcomes veterans, active-duty military, first responders, their families and advocates to our supportive community. Our weekly meetings are open to everyone and offer a warm introduction to our group.

Take part in our "Heroes Club" meeting, or become a member and gain exclusive access to our growing community with a wide array of focused meetings ensuring that every individual we serve can connect with people that understand them.

The Resilience & Recovery Program is lead by Director Frank Baltazar. Frank is a retired Army Colonel who served 26 years as an infantryman. Throughout his military career, Frank served in leadership positions and selected to command units or direct staffs ranging from 130 to 1,100 people. Frank has led a variety of organizations with a wide range of purposes. Frank currently serves as the Director of Business Operations and Strategy for Forte Health and Wellness headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

Heroes Club

Sundays @ 2 pm PST
Nick (1).jpg
Program Director
Nick Busse
Program Director
Frank Baltazar
For veterans and first responders

Unsung Heroes Club

Sundays @ 4 pm PST


For families, caregivers, & loved ones of veterans and first responders

Peer Support Group

For spouses, loved ones, caregivers, friends, & supporters of our nation's heroes who are dedicated to sharing knowledge, resources, advocating for the mental health of their loved ones, and providing a supportive community for each other.

Coming Soon

"The Body Keeps the Score" 
Trauma Workbook Course

In "The Body Keeps the Score," Bessel van der Kolk, a renowned psychiatrist, author, and leading researcher in traumatic stress, explores how trauma physically alters the body and brain. Through compelling scientific research, he demonstrates how innovative treatments can open new paths to recovery by harnessing the brain's natural neuroplasticity. This book delves into the often-hidden epidemic of trauma, revealing insights from over 30 years of research. 

Van der Kolk emphasizes the profound impact of RELATIONSHIPS & COMMUNITY in causing and healing trauma, offering renewed optimism for those seeking to reclaim their lives.

Coming Soon

"Teens of Heroes"
Peer Support Group

A virtual safe space offering solace, support, and acceptance for children and teens of our nation's heroes, connecting them with peers who share similar experiences, stories, frustrations, questions, and more.

Coming Soon

Join the Community

Supporting an active military member, veteran, or first responder can be challenging for family members, loved ones, and caregivers. Often, essential mental health and wellness tools are lacking or provided too late, leading to a difficult journey once trauma is recognized. The stigma surrounding mental health and PTSD adds another layer of complexity. What do you do as a family member of someone who is at high risk of developing PTSD, or is living with PTSD currently?

Join Victory Bridge Foundation's Resilience & Recovery Club, where we bridge the gap by offering a supportive community that welcomes you at any stage of your journey. We provide resources, a sense of family and camaraderie, and valuable knowledge to help you navigate challenges. When you join the community, you join hands with other heroes, unsung heroes, and advocates to raise a collective voice for mental health and wellness not just for our families, but for the entire community of Active-Duty Military, Veterans, First Responders, & their Families.


"This group has been a life saver for me more than once. I don't know what I would have done had I not found this."


"Talking to fellow military spouses has given me new insights into my husband's PTSD. Our different perspectives and experiences allow us to support and learn from each other, creating a supportive community - and sisters that I will have for the rest of my life.”


“Amidst my own challenges, supporting others brings me purpose—a reminder that helping can heal.”




We are always seeking volunteers to facilitate and/or be a Guest Speaker at our meetings. No experience necessary, just a passion for the mission. Sign up to facilitate a session below and someone will reach out to you with details.

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