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“Miracle in Cleveland” Police Officer Anthony Espada Shares Mental Health Journey in “Resilience & Recovery” Group

Media Inquiries:
Katie Katz
CEO | Founder 


February 2, 2024


“Miracle in Cleveland” Police Officer Anthony Espada Shares Mental Health Journey in “Resilience & Recovery” Group


Las Vegas, NV – The Victory Bridge Foundation proudly announces a groundbreaking session of the "Resilience & Recovery" Zoom Support Group, featuring a distinguished guest speaker: Anthony Espada, the heroic police officer renowned for his pivotal role in the Miracle in Cleveland case—a nationally televised incident where three girls endured a decade of unimaginable captivity at the hands of a monstrous abductor.


About Resilience & Recovery Zoom Support Group

"Resilience & Recovery" Zoom Support Group, provided by Victory Bridge Foundation, is a virtual support group prioritizing the well-being of active military, veterans, first responders, and their families. This virtual platform ensures confidentiality and the option for anonymity, creating a secure space for sharing experiences, support, knowledge, and resources. Designed for convenience, participants can join from home via Zoom every Sunday, aligning with the foundation's commitment to unifying mental health support for our Heroes and their families. 

Facilitated by experienced volunteers, the group encourages peer-to-peer interaction, fostering a sense of camaraderie and understanding among participants.


Founder's Perspective

Katie Katz, Founder of Victory Bridge Foundation and a passionate advocate for our Nation’s Heroes and their Families, expressed enthusiasm about the Resilience & Recovery Zoom Support Group: "In times of challenge, community and connection becomes our greatest asset. This virtual support group aims to create a bridge of understanding and support for those who have served, and their families. Together, we can navigate the journey of resilience and recovery."


Join Us in Building Resilience

The "Resilience & Recovery" Zoom Support Group invites all interested individuals to join this transformative session. It is an opportunity to learn, connect, and contribute to the creation of a resilient community that understands and supports each other. 

Resilience & Recovery takes place every Sunday at 2 pm PST (5 pm EST) and you can join without registering by visiting

About Anthony Espada

Anthony Espada, a celebrated author of "We Found Them," brings a wealth of experience as a retired Cleveland police officer and U.S. Marine. Notably, Anthony was the first responder at the Miracle in Cleveland, where three kidnapped girls, missing for over a decade, were discovered, having been held captive by the abductor Ariel Castro. Following this pivotal moment, Anthony embarked on a personal mental health journey, navigating flashbacks triggered by the incident. His Resilience & Recovery has brought him to a place where he can share his story and insights with the Nation. 

About Victory Bridge Foundation

Our mission at Victory Bridge Foundation is to forge an alliance among veteran and first responder resources, uniting them in a collaborative community dedicated to empowering, supporting, and uplifting those who have served. We strive to enhance visibility and awareness of vital resources through strategic social media promotion, impactful awards ceremonies, and innovative initiatives. By recognizing and celebrating the outstanding contributions of partner organizations, we aim to create a dynamic and interconnected network that seamlessly serves veterans, first responders, and their families. 





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