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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Grimmett is a strong force in her community, advocating for the homeless crisis in Denver, Colorado and paving the way for generations to come. She holds her Bachelors degree in Strategic Communications and Marketing, where she has worked with C-Suite executives and large corporations such as Maybelline NY, and Ben & Jerry’s. After graduation she attended the University of Denver where she obtained her Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction Design with a focus in Cultural Linguistic Diversity. In the fall, she will be starting classes at Harvard Business School to become certified in Leadership and Management.


As the Membership Experience Director, she is dedicated to enhancing the journey of all members. With a keen focus on creating meaningful connections, she strives to cultivate an inclusive community where every member feels valued and supported. Through innovative programs, personalized services, and attentive engagement, she aims to elevate the overall experience, fostering loyalty and satisfaction among a diverse membership base. Passionate about delivering excellence, she continuously seeks opportunities to exceed expectations and foster a vibrant, dynamic environment for all.

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