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Partners & Collaborators

Victory Bridge Foundation believes in the power of collaboration. Below are a list of trusted organizations and companies that we have partnered with to ensure a better tomorrow for our nation's heroes and their families.

Are you interested in partnering with us? Contact us at or schedule a virtual meeting with a member of our team 

Ian Bohen

Ian Bohen ("Yellowstone", "Teen Wolf") has partnered with Victory Bridge Foundation as Celebrity Advocate for our Nation's Heroes and Mental Health Awareness. 

MMC' 89 Initiative

Always in the Club Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization co-founded by reunited 90s Mouseketeers to support humanitarian initiatives across a wide range of causes. They market and produce events and campaigns of all sizes featuring Mouseketeers and global leaders in business, entertainment, and philanthropy. 


Syotos Edge is on a mission to revolutionize the rideshare industry by prioritizing safety above all else. Veteran-owned and operated, they are out to ensure all of our nation's heroes and their loved ones get to their desired locations safely.

Relationship Fitness

Relationship Fitness is a comprehensive suite of insights and tools purpose-built to help men strengthen their relationship skills.


By joining Victory Bridge Foundation's membership program, you gain full access to Relationship Fitness. Empower yourself with the resources and support needed to build stronger, healthier relationships. 

Become a Partner

Contact us and let's collaborate on how to make the world a better place for our heroes and their families  by 2030!

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